During an approximate 90 minute period this morning (January 10) Barnegat officers responded to 25 calls for service related to the freezing rain and icy road conditions that paralyzed the area.
Beginning at 7:34am, officers responded to 11 motor vehicle accidents including multi-car accidents and overturned vehicles. In addition, they responded to 14 first aid calls for fall victims who slipped and fell on the ice, many with head injuries. In all 16 people were transported to area hospitals.
Officers also responded to and assisted approximately 40 vehicles which had slid on icy road surfaces and left the roadway or otherwise were disabled but undamaged.
Both Route 539 north of Route 72 and Gunning River Road had to be closed to traffic due to extremely hazardous conditions. The roads remained closed for approximately an hour.
Despite the overwhelming call volume and treacherous road conditions, the department was able to maintain an average 6 minute response time as all personnel including detectives, ranking officers, and the Chief of Police responded to multiple calls for service.