Report a Crime

Welcome to the Barnegat Police Department’s on-line crime reporting system.

If you have an emergency, or the crime you want to report is happening right now, do NOT use this form; dial “911”.

If you need to report a minor crime involving the theft of property, car break-in, vandalism, etc., please complete and send us this electronic crime report.

• This on-line report form should only be used for the crimes indicated in the check boxes appearing after these instructions. If it doesn’t fit into one of these categories, then you should report the crime in person at police headquarters (900 West Bay Avenue) or by telephone at (609) 698-5000. Stolen Vehicles cannot be reported on this form.
• Please complete as many lines of the report as you possibly can. This will help us investigate the crime that you are reporting and/or screen it for potential investigation. Please provide as much information as possible.
• If you need to report more than one type of crime (or multiple instances), please send us a separate Report Form for each one.
• IMPORTANT NOTE: Knowingly submitting a false Police Report is a crime under the State of New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice.

You cannot use this on-line form to report:

Any type of violent crime, including: personal assault, kidnapping, robbery, etc.
Any type of sex crime, including: rape, sexual assault, etc.
Any type of stolen vehicle, including: trucks, cars, trailers, motorcycles, etc.
Any lost/stolen license plates.
Any type of traffic accident, whether there was an injury or not.
Any type of court order violation such as violation of restraining order, violation of child custody order, etc.
Any crime involving a weapon.

Incidents submitted via this form are reviewed to ensure that an offense has been committed prior to a report being completed. If it is determined that an offense has not been committed, no report will be completed. If it is determined that an offense occurred, the associated report will generally be available in 3-5 business days. Contact records at 609-698-5000 ext 210 for copies of reports.

Fields with an asterisk ( * ) and in RED are required- you must fill them out to get a report number.

*=Required Field

    *What type of crime are you reporting: (Required)

    Choose the nature of the crime.

    Note: Financial Crime (Includes fraudulent use of lost or stolen credit cards, checks, etc.)

    *When did this crime occur? (Required)


    *Time this crime occurred? (Required)

    (FORMAT 2:00 PM)

    If the crime occurred over a period of time, enter the beginning time and date in the boxes above, and the ending time and date in the boxes below.

    End Date Of Crime

    *Address Where Crime Occurred (Required):
    Please be as specific as possible. If the crime occurred on the street, also provide the nearest cross street.
    (i.e. West Bay Avenue near Barnegat Blvd.)

    Victim’s First Name: (Required)

    Victim’s Middle Name:

    *Victim’s Last Name: (Required)

    Business Name: (If business was the victim.)

    *Victim's Mailing Address:(Required)

    *Victim’s Home/Cell Number:(Required)

    Victim’s E-mail Address:

    *Victims Gender(Required)

    *Victims Date Of Birth: (Required)

    *Victim’s Age:(Required)

    If you are **NOT** the victim, please complete the following:

    Your Name:

    Your Full Mailing Address:

    Your Phone Number:

    *Description of Crime: What happened? Be as specific as possible. (Required)

    *Type of Area crime Occurred In: (Required)

    Property Description:

    Enter as much information as you can describing the missing property. If known, enter the make, model, serial number, description, and the value of the item. Also include the dollar value of damaged property, if any. Please round the value to the nearest dollar amount.

    • BICYCLES: Indicate whether boys or girls, speeds, wheel size and color.

    • CELL PHONE/ PAGER: Include serial numbers and phone numbers of each.

    • COMPUTERS AND ELECTRONICS: List each component separately, making sure to include all serial numbers and model numbers for each item.

    • JEWELRY: Indicate type of metal (ex: gold, silver) size, type and number of stones (if any), whether man’s, woman’s, or child’s jewelry and any inscriptions.

    Do you have any suspect information?

    If you saw any suspects, please describe them. Give us any information that you may have, no matter how little that may be. Even very sketchy information may help us solve your (or other) crimes. If you have it, please include such information as height, weight, build, age, color of eyes and hair, facial hair, tattoos, scars, unusual clothing, mannerisms, etc. If you don't have exact information, give us an estimate or a range ("between 150 and 170 pounds," etc.).

    Vehicle Information:

    If your vehicle was involved in the crime, (i.e. broken into, damaged, or driven) you must list your vehicle information in the boxes provided.

    How was your (or another) vehicle involved?:

    Method of Entry (for vehicle burglaries only):

    POINT of Entry (for vehicle burglaries only):

    Vehicle License Number:

    Vehicle State:

    Vehicle Make:

    Vehicle Model:

    Vehicle Type:

    Vehicle Year:

    Vehicle Colors:

    Additional Information:

    Please list any other information directly relevant to this crime that you feel would benefit our investigation.


    Once the report has been submitted you should receive a thank you message which confirms that the submission was successful.