How do I apply for a Firearms ID card, Pistol Purchase Permit, or change of address? 

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How do I obtain police reports?
Requests for reports can be made by filling out the following form: Record Request

The completed form can be mailed to police headquarters or emailed to:

How do I obtain a motor vehicle accident report?



When will my accident report be ready?
Reports are typically ready in 7-10 business days.

How do I obtain juvenile records?
Juvenile records including police reports are not generally subject to public review or disclosure, however, there are exceptions.

Any requests for juvenile records must be made in writing to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. For information on making a request call the Juvenile Division of the OC Prosecutor’s Office at 732-929-2027.

How can I get fingerprinted for my job/non-criminal purposes?
Fingerprint appointments to be fingerprinted for job related or other non-criminal purposes can be made by contacting the police department at 609-698-5000.

How can I tell if my child car safety seat is installed properly?
The Barnegat Police Department Traffic Safety Unit offers free child safety seat installation/inspection to Barnegat residents. Residents interested in this service can contact the Traffic Safety Unit at 609-698-5000 extension 250.

How can I obtain a temporary handicapped parking permit?
Residents wishing to obtain a temporary handicapped parking permit can respond to headquarters and request an application. The application will need to be completed by the resident and their doctor and returned with a check or money order for $4 made out the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Permits are good for a maximum of one year and must be renewed after 6 months.

Why am I asked so many questions when I call the police? Why don’t they just send a car?
Dispatchers are trained to gather as much information as possible about an incident. They do this so that the responding officers will have the information necessary in order to plan and organize an effective response. Questions are asked so that the dispatcher and the responding officers have all the necessary information regarding descriptions of vehicles/persons involved, any injuries, any weapons used, etc. This also helps the officers understand the severity of the situation, how many officers should respond and the priority for emergency/non-emergency runs. The safety of all persons involved is increased, as well as the chance of apprehending any perpetrators.

How do I become a police officer in Barnegat?
Information on the process and preparation needed to become a Barnegat Officer are detailed on the recruiting page of this website.

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