Barnegat Township Police Department


The mission of the Barnegat Township Police Department is to provide for the well-being of the community through effective police provision of order maintenance, law enforcement, emergency services, and crime prevention; to guarantee the constitutional rights of all people, to provide rapid response to those in danger or otherwise in need of aid, and to maintain an open dialogue with citizens in order to identify problems within Barnegat Township and resolve those problems through an interactive partnership with the community we serve.


Integrity- Integrity is a core agency value and is demanded of every member, at all times. We recognize that integrity is the foundation of community trust.
Empathy—Empathy is among the most fundamental values that we embrace. Empathy promotes cooperation and understanding. The ability to see a situation from another’s perspective is critical to conflict resolution, de-escalation, and collaborative solutions.
Accountability- We are accountable to each other, and to the people we serve.
Fairness- Treating all people with fairness is basic to human dignity.
Respect- Respect for the community is essential for establishing and maintaining the spirit of cooperation needed to be an outstanding police department


Our vision is to create the environment where residents are free to live their lives safe from fear of crime, and confident in the fact that we will be there to help them solve their problem when they need us.