On March 18th at 2:15pm, Patrolman Michael Moore arrested Micheal Jackson, 28, of Little Egg Harbor for theft.
Officers had responded to the 7-11 on March 10th for a report of a stolen cell phone. The victim of the theft had inadvertently left her cell phone on the coffee counter of the store prior to paying for her merchandise and walking out of the store. Upon realizing that her phone was missing, she walked back into the store and looked for her phone but did not see it anywhere.
Officers checked store security camera footage and observed a male subject remove the phone from the counter and place it in his pocket. The footage further showed the male leaving the area in a vehicle. The officers were able to obtain the license plate number of the vehicle from the video.
As the investigation continued officers were able to identify Jackson as a suspect. Jackson was contacted and turned himself in at police headquarters. The cell phone was recovered and returned to the victim.
Jackson was charged with theft and was released pending a court date.