Ever since his appointment as Chief of Police in late 2006, Chief Arthur P. Drexler has made addressing drug-related crime a priority. This commitment was perhaps most evident the past few years in his decision to continue fully staffing the Barnegat Police Narcotics Unit despite the fact that the agency’s personnel resources were steadily depleted by 15% through attrition due to retirements.

The benefits of this commitment are clearly shown through the following statistics: Since 2010 the Barnegat Police Narcotics Unit has arrested nearly 250 individuals and seized over $160,000 in drugs, US currency, and vehicles.

So far in 2013 the unit has made 96 drug arrests (up 10% over 2012) and has seized nearly $95,000 in drugs, currency, and vehicles (up nearly 200% over 2012).

Below is a breakdown of the value of seizures since 2010 by category. Totals to date for 2013 are in parenthesis:

Vehicles: $56,573 ($26,839)
US Currency: $47,053 ($40,290)
Prescription Drugs: $29,276 ($15,940)
Heroin: $19,525 ($5,985)
Cocaine: $4,821 ($1,650)
Marijuana: $4,174 ($3,845)

The Barnegat Police Department wishes to thank the residents of Barnegat who continue to support the department’s efforts and embrace community policing by reporting suspicious activity, providing critical information, and working hand in hand with our agency toward achieving our mutual goal of a safe and drug-free Barnegat.