This agency investigated a total of eight officer complaints in 2014. These complaints were lodged by either citizens or other police officers concerned by the actions of their colleagues. Six  of the eight complaints were brought forth by citizens and were as follows: three related to officer attitude and/or demeanor; two alleged excessive use of force, and one claimed officer harassment. The remaining two complaints were supervisory in nature and were brought forth by agency supervisors and or fellow employees. Each complaint can result in departmental discipline ranging in punishment from a negative performance notice and/or a counseling session to dismissal from the agency.

In each case, Professional Standards initiated an investigation to determine whether each complaint was valid. The outcome of each investigation was documented as follows: two of the three attitude/demeanor complaints were sustained meaning that there was clear evidence to prove that the incident did occur. In the remaining complaint the officer was determined not to have been involved in any wrong doing. The excessive use of force investigations cleared one officer of any wrong doing and the other was administratively closed because the complaint was withdrawn. The sole harassment allegation resulted in the officer being cleared (exonerated) of any wrong doing. Both of the supervisory complaints were sustained. All sustained complaints resulted in some form of departmental discipline in accordance with agency policy. Discipline ranged from a counseling session and or negative performance notice to an oral reprimand.


We also received one hundred-two (102) compliments in 2014 from citizens and police supervisors pleased with officer performance.